Amazon / E-Commerce

The rules and practices of e-commerce platforms like can lead to unique and sometimes frustrating challenges for online sellers. I help businesses deal with those challenges and to navigate e-commerce issues such as

  • Product listing and account suspension;
  • Patent, copyright and trademark infringement disputes, including those under Amazon's Patent Neutral Evaluation Program and infringement reporting policies; and
  • Developing and implementing strategies for addressing false advertising and other unfair competition.
Lattimore Law

Examples of Pertinent Experience

  • Counsel (since 2015) for one of the leading Amazon category sellers.
  • Obtained reinstatement of client's product listings (removed by Amazon in response to allegations of patent infringement) after months of efforts by others failed.
  • Regularly address takedown and reinstatement of product listings under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • Extensive experience litigating false advertising and unfair competition claims relating to e-commerce.